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Who Are We?

New Money Network (NMN) is a subscription-based educational platform offering comprehensive courses on making money online, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. As a company, we strive to connect our students in a business setting to create a network of business that can work together.


20 years of experience in many industries

The company hosts a website with courses tailored to the type of user that joins.

Experts lead the company from various industries including Crypto, Social Media, Business and Education.

The industry we’re changing

Traditional methods of education such as university are outdated. The online education market is broken with little to no reliability when it comes to making money from what you've learned. NMN focuses on step-by-step financial literacy and making money online with real use cases for all of the courses provided.


How is the business sustained?

NMN aims to differentiate itself from other educational platforms by having vast amounts of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) at the front of their brand, providing a loyalty factor, and by offering original, well-researched courses on new trends in social media and making money online.

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